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5 Questions for All Landlord Consent Projects

There are times when your landlords’ signatures can make or break a business deal. And while sending packets of information out and collecting signed agreements may seem like a simple task, it takes more time and causes more headaches than ever imagined. The next time you’re involved with a transfer of assets, merger, acquisition or […]

7 Ways to Obtain Pass-Through Data From Retail Landlords

Lack of communication between tenants and landlords is a common issue for multi-unit operators, especially when it comes to obtaining past-through data necessary for auditing occupancy costs (OC). However, there are ways to boost responsiveness and reduce your heartburn. Build Audit Rights and Response Parameters into the Lease – Ensure that all leases include the right to audit […]

Tracking Company-Owned & Franchisee Leases

For companies with more than 30 franchised and/or company-owned locations, understanding what’s happening at the franchisee level is critical for strategic planning and business continuity. Accessing that information with a touch of a button from any computer or mobile devise becomes even more critical as the company grows and the stakes are higher. Below are […]

7 Ways to Optimize Your Lease Portfolio

If you’re a retail operator, there are seven critical ways to optimize your lease portfolio. By keeping these issues top-of-mind, you’ll have time to strategically plan for changes, take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities, and even cut your losses when the time is right. Continually focus on all leases expiring within the next 36 months. Most […]

FASB Checklist for Multi-Unit Operators

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has introduced significant changes regarding how multi-unit operators identify their lease arrangements. Rather than simply stating lease expenses on the financial statement, as currently required by the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standards, operators must soon include real estate lease assets and liabilities on their balance sheets. This […]

3 Strategies for Managing the Bottom 20 Percent of Your Portfolio

Most companies that manage more than a handful of retail, restaurant or commercial leases will be forced to make tough decisions about the bottom 20 percent of locations in their portfolios. An unbalanced occupancy cost-to-sales ratio (OC/Sales) is the primary reason, which can be brought about by declining sales, above-market rent, a contractual obligation to […]

Top 5 Lease Management Questions

Property Works’ lease management experts tracked questions from clients and non-clients alike during the month of May. Below are the top five most frequently asked questions, along with their responses. We hope this addresses issues on your mind, too! Q:  “Major changes in our location have significantly reduced the amount of walk-in traffic (and sales) […]

Never Too Late to Negotiate Commercial Leases

Most tenants accept their lease options and conditions as if they’re etched in stone. And barring a natural disaster or alien invasion, who would even consider renegotiating midterm? Just when you think something is non-negotiable in the commercial real estate world, think again. Especially during times of economic or political uncertainty, strategic real estate decisions […]