Obtaining Landlord Consent During a Refinance

The Industry’s Leading Approach

Landlord approval is a key component of deals requiring a transfer of assets, merger, acquisition or refinance. While gathering landlord signatures may sound like a simple task, it requires significantly more time, resources and negotiation skills than most people realize. Handling the project in-house detracts from business-critical work and generally cost twice as much as it does to outsource the operation to Property Works.


When you’re ready for a turnkey consent and approval solution that doesn’t hijack your daily operations, look to Property Works. For more than 20 years, Property Works has handled landlord consent management projects for major brands around the country with 40 to more than 1,400 locations. Our program provides:

⊲ Proven Processes with Custom Technology

⊲ Ultimate Client Access and Transparency

⊲ Skilled Team with Lease Management Experience

⊲ Improved Landlord Compliance

⊲ Significantly Lower Closing Costs


Based on years of experience with national brands, Property Works has developed a proven approach to landlord consent management.

  • Phase I – Start-up

The start-up team works closely with the client to fully understand the project needs, timelines, deliverables, and measures of success. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that all parties understand the expectations so surprises and delays are minimized.

  • Phase 2 – Preparation

All contact information from the client is uploaded into Property Works’ custom software platform, which includes reporting tools necessary to keep the project on track. For ultimate transparency, clients have 24/7 access to the cloud-based system. We’ll also review client messaging and make suggested edits that can increase the rate at which signatures are obtained. In addition, the team handles the time-consuming task of assembling, distributing and tracking all landlord letters and materials.

  • Phase 3 – Execution

As soon as landlords receive the packets of information, our execution team begins the aggressive follow-up campaign. This one-to-one contact ensures that all materials have been received, as well as provides an opportunity to answer questions and encourage timely signatures. Information is strategically provided to landlords and their designated representatives in a phased manner. When issues are outside of Property Works’ scope of work, they are escalated for client intervention. Throughout the execution phase, regular client meetings are held to maintain timely workflow.

  • Phase 4 – Wrap-up

Since landlord data like contact names, address, emails and phone numbers are updated throughout the project, a refreshed list is returned to the client in an organized, electronic format for future use. Special landlord issues mentioned during the conversations, but not relevant to the consent and approval process, are outlined for future action. We’ll also send the client all executed hardcopy and electronic signatures in a timely manner.

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