Real Property Tax Assessment Management

Every multiunit operator with locations around the country understands the challenges that come when tax valuations start pouring in. Worse yet, determining accurate current market values, tracking appeal windows, complying with requirements of various jurisdictions and monitoring the results is immensely time consuming. When not managed correctly, this
process also can leave countless amounts of money on the table. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Property Works’ Tax Solution

With Property Works’ real estate management tax team on your side, you’ll have year-round reviews of your valuations across the country. The experienced team will:

⊲ Monitor Timelines Across the Portfolio Since the timeframes for appeals vary by jurisdiction, the Property Works team will continually monitor key dates and deadlines for all properties in the portfolio. The team tracks assessment cycles, valuation notice dates and appeal windows.

⊲ Analyze Valuation Notices The team will analyze all valuation notices based on the preferred approach. We’ll then determine which ones are financially advantageous to appeal in the current cycle

⊲ Develop Customized Appeals Packets Customized appeals are developed for each property based on the individual criteria of each assessor.

⊲ Provide Client 24/7 Access to Status The status of all tax management
work is tracked in Property Works’ proprietary, cloud-based software platform. Clients have 24/7 access to status reports and total project transparency.

The Property Works Advantage

After trying to manage tax assessments in-house or outsourcing the function to single-purpose vendors, clients turn to Property Works for
the following reasons:

⊲ With Property Works, there’s a single point of contact for an entire portfolio of locations around the country.

⊲ By combining data from more than 18,000 small box retail properties in Property Works’ system with other resources around the country, the most accurate analysis of current market values can be achieved.

⊲ Property Works has relationships with tax assessors around the country and understands how best file individual appeals to achieve the most favorable outcomes.

⊲ All tax data is housed within Property Works’ cloud-based software platform, which provides total transparency and is accessible 24/7.

⊲ This single storage location also ensures property data is consistent, provides a historical perspective and is easily searchable.

⊲ With Property Works’ performance-based fee structure, clients
only pay when they save money.

For more information about how Property Works can streamline your tax assessment management process and save money, contact us today.

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