Landlord Consent and Approval

Effortless Consent and Approval Processes with Property Works


Securitizing Made Easy With Property Works

Let Property Works handle the administrative work involved in obtaining landlord consents while you focus on the more important components of the deal.

Obtaining Landlord Consent Doesn't Have to be Expensive

Obtaining landlord consent across an entire portfolio takes manpower, expertise and organization that most companies can’t handle in-house. Typically, the only option is to hire attorneys to help, but paying council’s hourly rate for a project that requires hours of administrative work doesn’t make sense. With our experienced administrative help, customized software, landlord liaisons and capacity to handle the tasks involved, Property Works provides a service companies don’t even realize they need until it’s too late. Let us take the administrative piece off the table so you can focus on top line items and save money doing so.

Property Works Brings a Successful Track Record to Facilitate Consent & Approval Projects

Property Works has never failed to deliver the required amount of Landlord Consents in order to close a deal. Contact us if you need a streamlined process that frees up space and time for your senior staff to focus on the important questions and not the logistics, administration, and technical maze of it all.

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Obtaining Landlord Consent During a Refinance