Sustainability & ESG

ESG Solutions for Multi-Unit Operators


As environmental regulatory standards and market preferences develop, we recognize that every business is in the sustainability business.

Further, we’re watching emerging environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) reporting requirements, whether in the form of government mandates, market demands or private disclosure and diligence materials. If your capital providers, franchise brand, potential buyers, accounting teams and regulators are not asking about ESG-related information yet, we’re anticipating they will be.

Your leased locations and franchisee operations are absolutely part of your brand’s sustainability and ESG profile.

CHECKMARK What cost-effective measures can you implement to maximize sustainability at the leased-asset level?

CHECKMARKWhat tools will help you report out on sustainability and relevant ESG metrics?

Property Works is in research & development mode to answer these questions.


At Property Works for sustainability and ESG?

  • Designing Property Works software enhancements to identify and track lease and asset-level features clients may use for internal reviews, external reporting and portfolio-level diligence, such as:
    • “Performance-based” lease language, where the lease is tailored to achieve existing or anticipated building performance standards
    • Energy and water efficiency tools installed
    • Environmentally conscious waste removal systems installed
    • For development and renovation units, sustainable building materials and systems to recycle construction site materials
    • Location-specific geographic features that could impact assets, such as water table
    • Licensing and reporting requirements related to local environmental standards or environmental justice jurisdictions
    • SASB, TCFD, TNFD, GRI, and other reporting framework elements relevant to leased location
  • Collaborating with Institute for Market Transformation to study and track building-performance-linked lease terms and jurisdiction-specific policies that may impose sustainability standards on your leased locations.
  • As a service provider and link in our clients’ supply chains, Developing internal ESG-related materiality assessments to identify and address material ESG considerations for our business.
  • Participating in the Drawdown Georgia Business Compact, facilitated by the Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business and housed at Georgia Institute of Technology, where Property Works collaborates with Georgia-based businesses to exchange best practices and partner on initiatives toward statewide net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, as well as “beyond carbon” elements of equity, health, environmental quality, and economic opportunity.

What Else Would YOU Like To See On This List?

 We’d like to hear what you’re thinking about so we can create cost-effective tools you can use.

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