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Property Works helps companies with multiple locations manage their leases, property related expenses, and any issues that may come up between the tenant and landlord. We have a web-based lease management system –REport ms - that allows users to organize all kinds of property related documents, data, and activity. It’s easy to use and generates about 100 reports with a click of the mouse. Some companies use our lease administration software only. Others have us help out with lease abstracting and data management, and many engage us to handle all of their management activities.

We’ve been doing this – and only this - for a long time (company timeline). We have a really dedicated team of corporate real estate professionals who are very good at what they do. We save our clients lots of money and headaches. That’s probably why many of them have been with us for over a decade.

UPDATE ON PENDING REVISIONS TO LEASE ACCOUNTING STANDARDS: We’re closely monitoring the status of the anticipated changes to the FASB lease accounting rules to ensure that REport ms users and Property Works clients will be well positioned to comply with the new rules as soon as they go into effect. More...

If you’re researching lease management solutions, you’re going to come across all kinds of buzz words and superlatives: industry leading technology, value added portfolio management, true ROI, best in class enterprise solution, unsurpassed CRE expertise. These words are as descriptive of Property Works as they are of any lease management solution provider but they’re probably not very helpful in finding the right partner for your company. Contact us today to get a product demo and learn more about our offering, our amazing results and our happy clients.