Lease Renegotiations

Better Position Your Portfolio Of Properties

Stay Ahead of The Curve

Negotiating can be a powerful tool and a necessary piece of the puzzle but it’s not always top of mind. You might be ready to renew, restructure, or respond to an economic shift.  The Property Works team can assist when in-house resources aren’t available. We offer the opportunity for you to focus on growth and new unit development, putting us to work on properties already in the portfolio.

Our clear understanding and expertise come from the combination of the Property Works Advisory Group’s tenant rep experience and Property Work’s national focus managing properties. We are so confident in our results that rather than working off commission, our fee is based on the success of the negotiations.

When to Use Lease Renegotiation Services

Stale portfolio

Focus on growth and new unit development while we clean up the properties already in your portfolio.

Economic shift

Economic changes make restructuring or renegotiations critical for short-term and long-term success.

Financial success

Market turning around? A team is also needed to renegotiate to ensure increased profit.

How Property Works Does It Differently

$ 0
Average Savings

Average renegotiation saves $40,000 over the term of the lease

100 %

0% fees based off of commission. Our fee structure is based off of the success of the negotiations.


12 years average tenant representative experience.

Portfolio Optimization Is a Form Away