Property Appeals

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Appealing Real Property Tax Valuations

Every multiunit operator with locations around the country understands the challenges that come when tax valuations start pouring in. Worse yet, determining accurate current market values, tracking appeal windows, complying with requirements of various jurisdictions and monitoring the results is immensely time consuming. When not managed correctly, operators are leaving money on the table. Fortunately, there is a better way. We offer a centralized solution from the initial assessment to filing the appeal.

No Portfolio is too small

Most companies who handle appeals retain clients exclusively with large portfolios. Property Works services small to mid-sized property owners. We recognize the importance of property appeals regardless of portfolio size. We can best serve these portfolios because of our expertise, database and our software.

We centralize and streamline the process and experience, saving clients money across multiple states.

Property Appeals

Real Property Tax Valuations and Appeals

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