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Let Property Works Renew Your Licenses & Permits While You Focus On Growing Your Business

Multi-unit operators understand the complexity of keeping licenses and permits current. Each location has multiple licenses across different jurisdictions. It takes an entire team of employees to monitor expiration dates; identify appropriate municipalities; contact the city, county, or state; and submit the necessary renewal applications and fees.To make matters more

Outsourcing Refinancing Tasks with Property Works: Obtain Landlord Consent With Ease

Property Works streamlines refinancing requirements for business operators The process of obtaining landlord consents across entire lease portfolios is notoriously complex. Mail merges, ongoing correspondence with landlords, and other minute tasks demand meticulous time and attention for the refinancing to close. Whether it’s whole business securitization or an acquisition, business

Lease Management

7 Reasons to Switch to Property Works’ Lease Management

Learn why clients name Property Works as the best lease administration software & service.   Savvy business owners are increasingly relying on lease administration software to help keep track of their properties. But in the sea of real estate–management platforms, how does a business operator know which is the right


The Top 5 Occupancy Costs You Should be Auditing

Following payroll, occupancy costs represent the highest expense category for multi-unit operators. To keep Occupancy costs as low as possible, its critical to verify that balances are correct, the right calculations have been applied and all the billbacks align with the lease language. When a seasoned team audits all lease

7 Ways to Optimize Your Lease Portfolio

If you’re a retail operator, there are seven critical ways to optimize your lease portfolio. By keeping these issues top-of-mind, you’ll have time to strategically plan for changes, take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities, and even cut your losses when the time is right. Continually focus on all leases expiring within

7 Ways to Obtain Pass-Through Data From Retail Landlords

Lack of communication between tenants and landlords is a common issue for multi-unit operators, especially when it comes to obtaining past-through data necessary for auditing occupancy costs (OC). However, there are ways to boost responsiveness and reduce your heartburn. Download Full Article

Case Studies

WKS Restaurant Group

WKS has over 350 Leases and has been a client of Property Works for 13 years. We currently use the database function and process the updates ourselves. We are always able to get first-class customer service to help us with training and implementation of the system tools. I cannot imagine

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Hospitality Restaurant Group

In 2010, after a sizable acquisition of additional restaurant locations, we knew we needed more control of our lease obligations. We found our perfect solution with Property Works. A web-based solution which allows us access to lease information and documents anytime, anywhere Excellent, concise reporting with summary or detailed lease

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Featured Articles

Covid Rent Management: What We Learned

Webinar Property Works developed and released the Rent-Deferral Tool in March 2020, immediately following the announcement of Covid-19 restrictions in the United States. Watch the live webinar recording with company partner Karla Finnegan, as she walks through the Rent-Deferral Tool



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