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Too Much Work
It might seem like the right configuration, systems integrations, and training requirements are too much initial work to implement a new system.
can't keep track
10 locations are manageable, but 150 makes it impossible to keep track of it all.
No standardization
Working off of different spreadsheets, loosing your primary record keeper, and general inconsistency makes an accurate view of reality impossible.
Too Much Work
Collecting data from multiple departments in preparation for the ASC 842 change over disrupts workflow and workload.Getting it done and getting it done right looks impossible

Our Solutions

Simplify the complexity of lease management with Property Works software and consultative services. 

With the industry’s most powerful lease management software and experienced real estate team available, you choose the level of service that’s right for you. Our solutions can grow with you, focusing on your needs today but scalable as your business needs change.

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